The choices you make regarding what goes into your body has an impact on your overall health long after you finish chewing and swallowing. We all know our nutrition affects our weight, but few people understand the impact it has on the health of our skin.

What is Gut-Microbiome?

Every one of us has hundreds of bacteria active in our intestines right now. Most of them are good bacteria that aid in digestion, but there is harmful bacteria that has the potential to give us diseases and make us sick. This type of bacteria is known as microbes. The collection of all of these microbes is known as the gut microbiome.

The gut microbiome plays an essential role in our digestion and our overall health. The bacteria found in our intestines are critical from the moment we are born throughout our life span. These microbes assist in our ability to digest breast milk when we are infants. They help us digest fiber as we grow and begin eating solid foods, and they help control our immune system so that we can fight off diseases. New research even has found a connection between the microbes found in your gut and the central nervous system, which controls our brains.

Unhealthy Gut and Skin Problems

While the gut contains hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, living organisms also reside on our skin. Skin bacteria also include fungi, viruses, and mites and are alive on our bodies at all times. These bacteria and other living organisms make up the skin microbiome. Both the gut and the skin act as barriers against pathogens from our outside environment. The relationship between the health of our gut and our skin is known as the gut-skin axis.

An unhealthy gut is known to cause “leaking” of harmful proteins into the body, which can irritate the ski