Vein Treatment

One issue people commonly face when wanting to improve the appearance of their skin is prominent damaged veins, such as telangiectasias (spider veins) and varicose veins. While usually harmless, these veins are unsightly, they can be uncomfortable in the way in which they bulge, and many people want to get rid of them. During laser vein treatment, a concentrated beam of light is directed at these veins in order to destroy them without damaging your skin. Often, spider veins disappear immediately after treatment, while varicose veins may darken after laser treatment and then take several months to vanish completely. Usually several treatments are required to completely eliminate problematic veins. Dr. Adriana Lombardi, who has over seven years of experience working in the field of dermatology, will discuss the best vein treatment options for your particular cosmetic or medical needs.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Edison, NJ, we use an ND YAG laser. This laser directs a very concentrated light beam into the skin’s dermis, selectively targeting blood vessels. That light is then converted into heat which safely collapses and seals the vein so that it disappears either immediately or over time. The ND YAG laser has one of the largest treatment heads on the market, which means we can treat a much larger patch of skin at one time. It’s also extremely precise, so that other veins and skin tissue aren’t damaged. Given that a laser generates heat, the ND YAG laser is equipped with a cooling light that eases any discomfort a patient may feel during treatment.

This type of treatment is most effective for small superficial red or blue/green leg veins. Patients with large nodular veins are not good candidates for this treatment. Prior to treatment, patients should avoid tanning, using self-tanner, or using blood thinners. We apply topical anesthesia 30 minutes prior to this procedure to ensure your comfort.

Benefits of ND YAG laser vein treatments

  • The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes
  • Treatment produces minimal discomfort and the cooling light further minimizes this
  • The ND YAG laser’s large head treats more skin at one time, maximizing efficiency
  • Any bruising you may notice is minimal and should disappear quickly
  • Healthy skin tissue and blood vessels are not damaged during treatment
  • New collagen production is stimulated during treatment
  • Results are immediately visible when it comes to smaller veins
  • Skin is tighter, firmer, and smoother soon after treatment
  • Risks of side effects are minimal