Acne is a skin disorder that is most common in teenagers, young adults, and women. Acne can be caused by fluctuations in hormones, diet, genetics and stress.  Acne can lead to anxiety, stress, and short- and long-term scarring. At The Acne Treatment Center of SCCSNJ, treatment for acne is guided predominantly by the type of acne. The main types of acne include comedonal acne, hormonal acne, inflammatory acne, and severe cystic acne.

In most cases, acne develops during adolescence and may continue well into adulthood, particularly due to hormones that increase sebum (oil) production. The buildup of sebum can trap bacteria in the glands and ultimately cause acne. Acne also tends to affect areas with a large number of oil glands, such as the face, upper chest, back, etc.

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