When you want your skin to look your best, laser treatments are one option you should definitely consider. While there are several types of laser treatments, they all operate based on the same principle: a laser—a concentrated light beam—is directed at certain areas of your skin (this can include your face, hands, etc.) in order to treat certain conditions or aesthetic problems. Whether you’re looking for skin rejuvenation or help with acne, laser treatment may be able to help.

At the Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery Center of NJ, we use two types of laser treatments, both administered in our state-of-the-art Edison, New Jersey, facility: IPL and resurfacing. Each treatment has its own benefits, as detailed below. Dr. Adriana Lombardi has over seven years of experience working in dermatology. She will consult with you and help you determine if laser treatment is suitable for your needs and if so, which treatment will give you the best results.