Laser Treatments

Welcome to the forefront of skin rejuvenation at the Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery Center of New Jersey (SCCSNJ). Our team of skilled dermatologists administer professional laser treatments, led by Dr. Adriana Lombardi. They leverage the revolutionary power of laser and light therapy technology.

The innovative techniques and treatments offered at SCCSNJ offer you the opportunity to reveal the best version of your skin. Lasers can address fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and more. Our laser treatments provide an effective pathway towards skin that is not only healthier but also more vibrant and youthful. It is effective whether you’re seeking a subtle enhancement, or a more significant transformation.

What is Laser Skin Treatment?


Laser skin treatment is a sophisticated, non-invasive procedure. It uses the power of concentrated light to address a broad spectrum of skin issues. People use laser skin treatment all over the body, including the face and hands. It corrects aesthetic concerns and improves the overall condition of the skin. 

The technique behind laser skin treatment involves directing beams of high-intensity light energy to the skin. This delicately works to resurface the top layers, reduce imperfections, and stimulate collagen and elastin production within the deeper layers. 

Laser treatments promote the regeneration of fresh, healthy skin cells. They also encourage collagen production by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. This leads to skin that looks and feels refreshed.

What Types of Laser Skin Treatment Do We Offer?

At SCCSNJ, we offer two main types of light therapy treatments: IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser resurfacing. There’s a common misconception that IPL and laser treatments are identical due to them being able to do similar things. However, they are separate procedures. Differences aside, these treatments are both highly effective in addressing a wide range of skin conditions and cosmetic concerns.

IPL Laser Treatment

IPL treatment is a versatile light therapy procedure designed to treat a broad array of skin conditions. This ranges from lines and wrinkles, to unwanted hair. Unlike laser treatments which use one specific wavelength of light, IPL uses a broad spectrum of light wavelengths. This helps it to target a larger area in a more diffused way. 

IPL treatments function by converting light into heat energy, which then targets and destroys damaged skin cells. This process treats the current skin condition, promotes the growth of healthier skin cells, and stimulates collagen production. IPL treatments result in a more hydrated and smoother skin texture.

Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Our laser resurfacing treatments focus on using concentrated beams of light to tighten skin and repair damage. We use advanced non-ablative erbium YAG (Er:YAG) technology for our laser resurfacing treatments. These treat the skin’s deeper layers while leaving the surface untouched. 

Unlike ablative treatments which remove the top layer of the skin, our laser resurfacing treatments offer significant results with minimal downtime. This allows you to return to your daily activities quickly. Er:YAG laser treatments can stimulate collagen growth and effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring on the face and body.

What is the Difference Between IPL and Laser Resurfacing Treatment?

IPL and laser resurfacing treatments both use light technology to treat skin conditions and enhance your appearance. However, they work in different ways. IPL treatment emits multiple wavelengths of light to target different pigments in the skin. This makes it a good choice in reducing the appearance of freckles, age spots, spider veins, rosacea, and redness.

On the other hand, laser resurfacing treatment uses a single wavelength of light to penetrate deeper into the skin. It promotes collagen production and skin tightening. Laser resurfacing is more intensive and has a longer recovery time, but greatly improves skin texture. It actively reduces wrinkles and lines, and addresses scarring and deep pigmentation issues.

What are the Benefits of IPL Laser Treatment?

IPL treatment offers a variety of benefits for your skin. Each treatment takes only approximately 20 minutes, and has minimal downtime post-treatment. IPL is an efficient and effective solution for various skin conditions. The results are often noticeable after a single session, with continued improvements visible over time. 

IPL can address a wide range of skin conditions. This includes pigmentation problems like freckles or sun spots, and vascular issues like rosacea or spider veins. It also stimulates collagen growth, enhancing the skin’s texture and reducing pore size. This results in skin that not only looks fresh and glowing but feels smoother and more supple.

What are the Benefits of Laser Resurfacing Treatment?


Laser resurfacing treatment is a game-changer when it comes to revitalizing your skin. It significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and acne scarring, leading to skin that’s more radiant and youthful. Laser resurfacing also allows for a high level of precision and can easily target specific problem areas.

This treatment penetrates deep into the dermis, stimulating collagen growth and improving elasticity without significantly disrupting the surface of your skin. Laser resurfacing treatments require a recovery period, and the full results may take some time to manifest as your skin heals. However, the long-lasting results make the process worthwhile.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From IPL Laser?

With IPL treatments, you might notice improvements after your first session such as reduced redness and a smoother skin texture. To achieve the best results, we recommend a series of treatments. Everyone’s skin is unique, and the goals will differ. The timeline can vary based on the individual’s skin condition and the specific goals of the treatment.

How Long Does Laser Resurfacing Last?

The results of laser resurfacing treatments can vary depending on several factors. This includes the specific condition being treated, the individual’s skin type, and their follow-up skincare routine. 

In general, the effects of laser resurfacing can last for several years. It does not stop the natural aging process, though. Touch-up treatments may be required to maintain results.

Which Laser Treatment is Best for Me?

The ideal laser treatment for you depends on various factors, including your skin type, specific skin conditions, and aesthetic goals. Our experienced dermatologists at SCCSNJ offer personalized consultations. They will evaluate your skin and recommend a light therapy treatment that will provide the most effective results for you. We aim to deliver personalized treatment plans that ensure each of our patients achieves their skincare goals safely and efficiently.

What is the Best Age for Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments can be beneficial for adults of all ages, depending on their specific skin concerns and goals. The optimal age for starting laser treatment varies based on individual circumstances, including skin type and condition. It’s always best to consult with our experienced dermatologists. We can provide guidance and determine the best time for you to begin laser treatments.

At SCCSNJ, we combine cutting-edge technology with our deep understanding of skin health. Our goal is to deliver laser treatments that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. SCCSNJ’s dedication to patient care and results-oriented approach sets us apart. We look forward to helping you embark on your journey to healthier, more radiant skin. 

Our laser treatments deliver transformative results that will leave you looking and feeling your very best. We can help you reverse the signs of aging and enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Embark on your journey towards rejuvenated, healthier skin with us at SCCSNJ – your trusted partner in skin care excellence.