Facial fullness is a sign of health, vitality, and youth, and some of it naturally fades with age. That said, some of us are born with full, defined lips, which gradually thin out over the years, while others’ lips are naturally thin, regardless of age. Just like there are options for lifting sagging skin and filling facial hollows where volume has been lost to age, there’s a dermal filler specifically to plump up lips—Juvederm Volbella.

Dr. Adriana Lombardi has over seven years of experience in the field of dermatology and will do your pre-treatment consultation and perform your Volbella injections at the Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery Center of NJ, located in a state-of-the-art facility in Edison, New Jersey. She has done hundreds of Volbella treatments and our many satisfied customers attest to her expertise.

What is Volbella®?

Volbella® is part of the Juvéderm® line of dermal fillers, made of synthetic hyaluronic acids (HA), which naturally occur in most living organisms and are responsible for binding to water. The hydrophilic effect creates a kind of gel which is perfect for use as an injectable dermal filler. Volbella® helps restore a plump, youthful look to lips. Sometimes Volbella® is also used under the eyes, to fill in deep hollows.

How does Volbella® work?

The best way to understand how Volbella® works is to understand how Juvederm, which is the line of fillers Volbella® is derived from, works. Juvéderm® is injected into arthritic knees to help restore the lost cushion between bones, preventing painful friction. While you can’t see the restored cushion in someone’s knees, you can absolutely see when Volbella® is injected into someone’s lips or under-eye area as it performs a similar function, filling in hollows. It’s key to understand that because Volbella® is made of smaller HA particles than other dermal fillers, it’s perfect for lips because it doesn’t create an overinflated, “bee-stung” type of pout. Instead, you get soft, defined volume, and any fine lines are gently filled in.

When you receive Volbella® injections, you will recline in a chair. A dermatologist will inject Volbella® into certain parts of your lips that you and the doctor have discussed at your consultation. The treatment will take approximately thirty minutes.

Is it safe?

Yes. Volbella® is FDA approved. It’s part of the Juvederm line of dermal fillers and Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid, which has been studied for more than seventy years. Volbella® is totally safe.

Will it hurt?

ou might feel a sting at the injection site. Afterward, you could have some swelling or bruising, which will soon disappear. Otherwise, Volbella® is formulated with an anesthetic as part of the injection and is virtually painless. Discomfort should be minimal.

What will my results look like?

Take a look at the before and after pictures we have on each of our procedure pages to get a look at the amazing results of Volbella® treatment. Results are immediately visible.

How long will my Volbella® treatment last?

Volbella® lasts approximately a year. The HA will gradually break down, so your lips will slowly thin out again. It’s best to schedule an appointment before the end of the year, to maintain the desired fullness.

Benefits of Volbella®

  • Effective – immediately after treatment you’ll see softer, fuller lips
  • Safe – Volbella® is FDA approved and 100 percent safe
  • Minimal discomfort – Volbella® contains lidocaine, a topical anesthetic, and is almost painless
  • Long-term effects – results last for almost a year
  • Zero downtime – get on with your day immediately

Most common areas treated with Juvederm

  • Lips
  • Under-eye area

The amazing results of Volbella® are more than worth the cost of treatment. Schedule your appointment with us today!

Dr Lombardi patients will have access to certain appropriate appointments via telemedicine.

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